FIELDWORK SAFETY GUIDELINES - 5. Departmental Fieldwork Safety Officers

5.1 Needs and Roles
5.2 Actions and Responsbilities

5.1 Need and Roles

Heads of Departments, Schools and Units where fieldwork is being done may appoint a suitably senior member of staff to act as Departmental Fieldwork Safety Officer. The primary role of the Departmental Fieldwork Safety Officer is to provide co-ordination and assistance to staff and students doing fieldwork to ensure that the work can be done as safely as possible. Departmental Fieldwork Safety Officers will be able to assist fieldworkers in the planning, assessment of risk and training for proposed field-trips.

5.2 Actions and Responsibilities

The Head of Department will ensure that supervisors of fieldwork and the Departmental Fieldwork Safety Officer are fully supported in taking all actions necessary to create a Climate of Care for safety during fieldwork. The role of the Departmental Fieldwork Safety Officer should include (among any other relevant things):

  • reviewing, for the Head of Department, School or Unit, all aspects of safety during fieldwork;
  • being up-to-date on relevant University policies, guidelines and fieldwork safety procedures;
  • advising on training needs and training of staff and students doing fieldwork;
  • checking that safety equipment is maintained and serviced and that equipment is adequately available for the activities being planned;
  • advising the Head of Department on the adequacy of commitment to safety of staff and students;
  • organizing requirements for auditing (see Section 7);
  • reporting incidents to the Head of Department, School or Unit and, as appropriate, to the Risk Management Office.