Refer to the Hazardous waste guideline for information on hazardous waste types, disposal procedures and the University hazardous waste program.

The University of Sydney is committed to the safe and environmentally responsible management of hazardous waste. Where possible, the generation of hazardous waste will be actively avoided. Where this is not possible, the volume of hazardous waste generated will be minimised and the waste will be handled in accordance with relevant legislation and established best practice.

A hazardous waste collection and disposal program operates at the University of Sydney. Hazardous chemical waste is collected fortnightly from the Camperdown and Darlington Campuses and as required from other campuses. The following process should be followed to arrange disposal of hazardous chemicals:

  1. Check the Hazardous waste collection schedule for collection dates. The deadline for submission of a disposal request is 12 noon on the Friday prior to a Wednesday collection, unless otherwise agreed with Safety Health and Wellbeing.
  2. Download and complete a Chemical Waste Manifest. For more information on how to complete a chemical waste manifest review the infosheet.
  3. Create an online service request on CampusAssist.
  4. Select "Problem Type" as chemical waste disposal.
  5. Upload the completed manifest.
  6. Submit the request.
Hazardous waste containers