'Training' in Manual Handling can take many forms. OHS & Injury Management see there are broadly 2 main categories of Manual Handling Training:

  • Education to understand the causes of manual handling injury and how to best control the risk of injury, in accordance with the NSW Manual Handling Code of Practice, through effective risk management practices
  • Task training - specific technique training for work groups to improve work techniques eg: how to safely shovel or handle furniture

OHS and Injury Management course: "A Supervisor's Guide to Safe Manual Handling"

Course outline: NSW OH&S legislation requires supervisors to identify, assess and control workplace hazards. One of these hazards is the risk of injury caused by manual handling activity. Find out how injuries occur, how they can be prevented, what your risk management responsibilities are and when to apply the University's risk management procedures.

Contact the OHS and Injury Management team to organise attendance at the course or task training.