Drivers must have a current, valid driver's licence for the type of vehicle being driven.

Before driving:

  • Ensure your Licence is current and valid
  • Record details of trip as per Log book requirements, i.e. Date, time, odometer, purpose
  • Maintain vehicles as per the Manufacturer guidelines
  • Complete pre-use vehicle safety checklist
  • Complete Driver Safety training appropriate to the risk eg 4WD off-road.

While driving:

  • Follow the Australian Road Rules
  • Do not use a mobile phone while driving. Pull off the road in a safe location and park your vehicle to use your mobile phone
  • Follow the University's Fieldwork Safety Guidelines.
    Adopt safe driving practices eg. take regular breaks or alternate drivers over long distances. Remember Stop, Revive, Survive.
  • Adjust speed to suit the conditions ie, lighting, weather, road or traffic

Follow defensive driving practices e.g:

  • Yield or give way when necessary to avoid an incident
  • Check behind the vehicle before and while reversing
  • Control speed to allow stopping within a comfortable distance ahead.

After driving:

  • Report any incidents promptly to your supervisor and online using RiskWare.