Good work practices

  • Keep frequently used items (e.g. telephone, books, and stationery) close at hand so that you can reach these items without stretching.
  • Good posture, maintaining the natural curves of the body, is essential. When at your workstation, maintain a natural and relaxed position, which provides you with opportunity for movement, and from which you can comfortably assume a number of alternative positions
  • A micro break should last between 5-20 seconds. You should be taking a micro break at least every 10 minutes. The University of Sydney recommends the use of Workrave software to assist with prompting of these micro breaks. Please note you need admin rights to install the software. Contact the ICT Service Desk for assistance.
  • Break up long periods of continuous computer use by performing small tasks/errands.
  • Use a document holder if working from hard copy documents regularly. Position the document holder between the keyboard and screen to avoid neck bending/twisting.
  • If you are using a telephone for more than 20% of the time, use a headset. Avoid “necking” the telephone if using a handset.