Injury Management Consultant

  • "Injury management consultants" (IMCs) are registered with WorkCover NSW and are medical practitioners experienced in occupational injury and work place based rehabilitation. IMCs are facilitators who will assist the insurer, the University, staff members and treating doctors find solutions to the problems in complex return to work plans and injury management. IMCs are not involved in the treatment of an injured staff member, nor do they provide any opinion on the current treatment regime.
  • Referral to an IMC should be considered when the following situations arise: confused goals; complexity of injury or workplace environment; poor communication between insurer, University and nominated treating doctor; perceived conflict between the nominated treating doctor’s recommendations and the workplace requirements; disagreement about the suitability of duties offered to an injured staff member.
  • An IMC may be requested to undertake a work site visit to obtain clear information on pre-injury or suitable duties.