University Injury Management Coordinator

The University Injury Management Coordinator is a key person in the injury management process and acts as the focal point with all of the principal parties involved.

Their responsibilities include:

  • overseeing the provision of these services from accredited rehabilitation providers
  • complying with WorkCover training requirements for return-to- work coordinators
  • developing and implementing the return-to-work program, educating the workforce, keeping injury and return to work statistics and consulting on policy development
  • providing information on the return-to-work process and associated workers' compensation benefits to injured staff members
  • obtaining the injured staff member’s consent before obtaining or releasing rehabilitation information about the staff member
  • determining the injured staff member’s return-to-work needs by discussion with the staff member, the nominated treating doctor and other treatment practitioners
  • liaising with the insurer as they develop and monitor an injury management plan for the injured staff member
  • identifying appropriate suitable duties with the employing department and assisting the injured staff member to return to work as soon as possible
  • preparing a return-to-work plan to document suitable duties and work restrictions so that all parties are informed and managing the return to work process
  • as approved by the insurer, coordinating referral to external specialist services.