Heads of School/Administrative Unit

Heads of school/head of administrative units or their nominees are responsible for:

  • ensuring the University's obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 (NSW) and other relevant legislation are met within their school/administrative unit by providing safe systems of work, information, instruction, training and supervision, and by maintaining a place of work which is safe and without risk to health.
  • ensuring any work-related condition requiring medical treatment, time off work or work restrictions is reported to Injury Management & Workers Compensation without delay
  • facilitate and encourage staff to promptly report work-related injury or illnesses to Injury Management & Workers Compensation
  • ensuring any accident or incident is reported through RiskWare and is properly investigated to prevent similar problems recurring
  • facilitating the staff member's return to work by providing suitable duties where practicable, in consultation with the injury management coordinator and/or provider, and arranging flexibility of working hours if required
  • must comply with obligations imposed by or under the injury management plan for an injured/ill staff member
  • ensuring any necessary modifications to the workplace and/or work practices are made as soon as possible in consultation with relevant staff member representatives to prevent future injury
  • employing temporary or relief staff as required to maintain the work area's essential operations to minimise risk of injury or illness to other staff members
  • seeking the cooperation of other staff members in implementing reasonable workplace changes designed to assist the rehabilitation of a fellow staff member
  • ensuring all those concerned are aware of and observe any work restrictions which apply to a staff member
  • assisting and cooperating with the design, implementation and supervision of an appropriate return-to-work program
  • continuing to provide suitable duties for six months from report of injury/illness, and beyond this period wherever possible as agreed in the return to work plan
  • ensuring leave applications are submitted for all work absences, together with medical certificates as required.

Failure of the University to comply with a requirement of injury management legislation can result in the following penalties:

  • any increased costs associated with the University’s failure can be taken into account with respect to the calculation of the claims experience factor
  • as enacted by regulation – a premium surcharge, payable as part of the University’s premium.

The University will only be required to comply with this requirement (being Section 56 of the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998 (NSW)); if the insurer has taken appropriate steps to ensure that the University is aware of its obligations.