Injury Management Services (IMS) provides the following services and advice:

  • issues of policy, procedure or risks relating to workers' compensation
  • claims management and claim trends
  • injury management services for workers compensation claims
  • contact for referral of issues to workers' compensation insurer
  • return to work programs for staff with workers' compensation claims
  • injury management services for personal ill health.

How we can help - prevention

If you feel uncomfortable at your workstation or when performing a particular task, there are some preventative measures you should take.

How we can help - injured staff

Evidence shows that getting back to work early is an important part of the recovery from injury. Long-term absence from work can lead to isolation and poorer health.

You don’t need to be 100 percent recovered to return to work. There is a range of options to ease the transition, such as reduced hours in your normal job, or modified or alternative duties.

Injury Management Services can help you with the process. Our role is to help you make an early, safe and smooth transition back into your normal workplace after an injury.

We do this by liaising with you, your manager, doctor and healthcare providers to determine your work capacity and then develop a return-to-work plan. This outlines what you can safely do, and identifies any special considerations you may need while you recover.

If you are injured whilst at work, you need to log the injury on RiskWare. An Injury Management Coordinator will contact you within 1 day to review your circumstances and start planning your treatment and return to work. Find your Injury Management Coordinator.

How we can help - supervisors and managers

Once you have established that your staff member is ready to consider returning to work, you should talk to your Injury Management Coordinator to begin the planning phase.

Start by thinking about how you can support your staff member’s return, and the options that might work for them and the wider team. It could be an adjusted workload, modified duties or reduced hours. Our Injury Management Coordinators are highly qualified in all aspects of return-to-work planning. They can provide helpful advice and will formalise the return-to-work plan.