Staff members

Staff members on return-to-work programs should be aware of their rights and responsibilities:

  • will advise their head of school/ head of administrative unit or supervisor immediately of any injury/illness which they consider may be work-related or which affects their ability to perform their duties
  • must participate and cooperate in the establishment of their injury management plan
  • must cooperate with the obligations of an appropriate injury management plan designed to facilitate their rehabilitation
  • must nominate a medical practitioner who is prepared to participate in the development and ongoing arrangements of the return-to-work plan
  • will provide authorisation for the treating doctor to release relevant information to the University or insurer
  • will cooperate in recommended treatment and follow advice on overall management, and attend approved treatment outside work hours wherever practicable
  • will report their progress at regular intervals as required
  • will submit all medical certificates and reports relevant to the return to work program
  • will submit leave forms for all absences from work together with relevant medical certificates
  • will attend any rehabilitation assessments arranged with sufficient notice by the University, the University's insurer or the rehabilitation provider for the purpose of facilitating progress in a return to work program.
  • If a staff member unreasonably refuses to comply with their workplace injury management program after being requested to do so by the insurer, the staff member has no entitlement to weekly payments of compensation during any period that the failure continues. This action can only occur if the insurer has given the staff member written notice to that effect, together with a statement of the reasons for entitlement ceasing and the action that the insurer considers the staff member must take to be entitled to the resumption of weekly payments.
  • Subsequent reinstatement of weekly payments does not entitle the staff member to payments for the period of non-compliance (section 57 of the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998 (NSW)).