University workers' compensation insurer

The insurer must:

  • ensure that the University is made aware of its legislative obligations in relation to the insurer’s injury management program
  • contact the University, staff member and doctor if necessary within 3 days of being notified by the University that a staff member has sustained a significant injury
  • establish an injury management plan in consultation with the University, injured staff member and the staff member’s nominated treating doctor and monitor progress on this plan
  • provide both the University and the injured staff member with information with respect to the injury management plan
  • inform the staff member that entitlements to weekly benefits can be suspended, if the staff member does not reasonably comply with the injury management plan
  • inform the staff member regarding procedures for changing the nominated treating doctor
  • ensure vocational retraining is provided or arranged for an injured staff member where appropriate, i.e. when a return to pre-injury duties and provision of suitable duties is no longer possible
  • approve and monitor necessary and reasonable treatment as per the relevant WorkCover guidelines, to ensure treatment is necessary and reasonable
  • manage claims in a cost effective and timely manner.