Work Health & Safety Policy

The University is committed to the health and safety of everyone involved in or affected by University activities.

The Work Health and Safety Policy sets out the University’s work health and safety governance and management framework and outlines individual responsibilities at all levels of the organisation.

The policy is supported by the Work Health and Safety Procedures which specify the requirements of each of the University’s safety management standards and the common processes that support implementation of the safety management system.

Injury & Illness Management Policy

The University is also committed to providing a safe and timely return to health for all injured or ill staff members.

The Injury and Illness Management Policy sets out the principles for managing the impact of injury or illness in the workplace. The policy applies to both compensable work related injury and illness and personal injury and ill health.

The policy is supported by the Injury and Illness Management Procedures, which detail the processes for managing compensable injury or ill health and non-compensable personal injury and ill health.