The safety and wellbeing of our people are fundamental to our pursuit of excellence in education and research.

This strategy describes the University’s approach to the management of safety and wellbeing. It identifies areas for focused attention that supports the University to achieve its strategic goals.


Our overall objective is to create a positive safety culture that enables our people to thrive and realise their full potential as part of a healthy and engaged community.

Guiding principles

At the University of Sydney, safety and wellbeing are considered during the planning of all our activities. This consideration is guided by:

  1. Engagement with the people involved in or affected by, our work
  2. Applying a risk-based approach.

Strategic objectives

  1. Build a positive safety culture
  2. Prevent fatalities and serious injuries
  3. Reduce the frequency and impacts of injury and ill health
  4. Enhance overall wellbeing

Key focus areas

To help achieve our strategic objectives, a number of areas have been prioritised for focused attention.

Key focus areas

Strategy implementation

The Safety Health and Wellbeing team will support, and at times lead, the implementation of this strategy by working with the University community to carry out work in each of the key focus areas.