There is nothing more important than the safety, health and wellbeing of everyone within the University of Sydney community. Our objective is to ensure that safety is a core value of the University, resulting in a positive safety culture, as well as a healthy, engaged community.

To achieve this we must all understand our individual health & safety responsibilities. That’s why we have devised this strategic plan, aimed at making safety management as simple and practical as possible.

Guiding principles

Our plan identifies five guiding principles which underpin all safety health & wellbeing activities.

  1. Active and visible safety leadership
  2. Mutual accountability
  3. Risk-based approach
  4. Practical and simple solutions
  5. Consistency

With these principles in place we will engage with the University to build a safer and healthier environment.

Key focus areas

In establishing the University’s genuine commitment to safety, we have prioritised key focus areas including the safety of students, working with chemicals, travel and fieldwork safety, and where there is illness or injury, early intervention, triage and return to work arrangements. The other focus area is on enhancing overall wellbeing and engagement within the University.


The strategic plan is supported by a University Safety Health & Wellbeing (SHW) Action Plan, which details a program of work to address the identified key focus areas.

Academic faculties and service units are required to reference the University’s Safety Health & Wellbeing Strategic Plan 2014-16 and the associated SHW Action Plan when developing and reviewing their local Work Health & Safety Action Plans.

Your role

Success depends on our people engaging in genuine conversations about safety. We encourage you to talk to your colleagues about this plan. Ultimately, it could save lives.