How to report an incident, injury or hazard

1. Log on to RiskWare.

2. On the RiskWare homepage, choose the Incident Reporting icon on the bottom of the screen.

3. The system will ask you to choose between reporting an incident or hazard.

To report an injury, start by reporting an incident and you will be prompted to add injury details.

4. Fill in the data fields (mandatory fields have a red arrow).

5. Click Next or Previous icons at the top of the screen to move forward and back between pages.


For 'Select Location' you can choose the campus, building and level details as appropriate for On Campus incidents and hazards. Click the magnifying glass to search location, then the scroll button on RHS to view the list. When finished press the 'Select' button on the LHS.

Location search box from RiskWare

To choose a location on campus that is external to a building, simply select the relevant campus (top level), then describe the location in the 'Locations Details' text box (immediately below campus selection).

Find a Person

When using the search function (magnifying glass) to find a person involved, or supervisor to assign etc. you may enter their full details, partial details or no details into the 'Find a Person' fields provided, then press the 'Search' button. You may further restrict your search by choosing 'Supervisors/Managers' only, or including 'Everyone' (all staff) in the search. Use the RHS scroll bar to scroll through the list, or page number to move through pages on longer lists. When you have found the person, click on their name.

Person search box from RiskWare

6. The final screen has a Submit button to finish and save your incident record.

On successful completion you will be given a reference number, and an email will be sent both to you and your manager. You can print a copy of your report.