Regulatory Framework

The University is required by NSW WHS legislation to keep a register of all injuries that result from University activities. RiskWare functions as the University's injury register.

Under NSW Workers' Compensation legislation, the University must notify its workers’ compensation insurer within 24 hours of all injuries that have the potential to result in a workers' compensation claim.

The details of all serious injuries and incidents must also be reported by the University to the NSW WorkCover Authority within seven days of their occurrence. Those that involve a fatality or are otherwise particularly serious must be reported to WorkCover immediately and the site of the incident is not to be disturbed.

Any incidents that may be notifiable to WorkCover must be reported via Safety, Health & Wellbeing.

Our commitment

To comply with the requirements of legislation and to maintain an effective accident/incident monitoring system, the University is committed to:

  • prompt reporting and investigation of all incidents/accidents that affect staff, students and visitors by the immediate supervisor or person in charge of the area
  • consultation by supervisors with those involved and prompt action to prevent recurrence
  • compilation and periodice review of accident statistics to determine accident trends and identify work areas of concern
  • provision of instruction and training for staff in accident/incident investigation