WHS duty of care checklist for Deans and Directors

  • Ensure that the University’s Work Health and Safety Policy 2016 and Work Health and Safety Procedures are implemented in devolved units under your direction. This includes monitoring work health and safety (WHS) performance and providing strategic direction.
  • Demonstrate active and visible leadership in WHS risk management
  • Be familiar with your "top five" WHS risks.
  • Set goals to improve WHS in the form of a WHS Action Plan.
  • Include WHS as the first agenda item of general management meetings. Use this as an opportunity to check progress towards achievement of goals in WHS Action Plans, review WHS reports provided for your faculty/unit, and request WHS reports from your line managers.
  • Promptly address WHS issues that are brought to your attention in consultation with those involved or affected.
  • Take five minutes for an informal “safety conversation” with members of your work group at least once per month. Seek to understand the WHS risks associated with their work and how these are being managed. Show that WHS is important to you and your workers will consider it important too.
  • Include WHS as a key performance indicator in all position descriptions and performance reviews.