Understanding your responsibilities is one thing, being accountable is what makes a difference.


Everyone has a responsibility for safety. The University's Work Health and Safety Policy 2016 assigns specific responsibilities to organisational units and individuals at all levels of the organisation.

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Being accountable means accepting your responsibilities and owning the outcomes.

Individuals Are accountable for ...
Members of Senate and University Executive Ensuring that a systematic aproach to safety and wellbeing has been established, and is appropriately resourced and monitored.
Senior Leaders Implementation of the University's Safety Management System within their organisational unit, e.g. faculty, school, professional service unit or portfolio.
Managers and Supervisors The safety and wellbeing of the people under their direction, and others who may be impacted by our work.
Workers Their own safety and the safety of others who may be affected by their activities.

A number of mechanisms are used to monitor how well we are meeting our safety responsibilities and hold us to account. These include:

  • Measurement against University performance targets
  • Safety Management System Auditing
  • Performance management and development processes.