Global Corporate Challenge

In 2015....

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“Team work in our area of the University was significantly enhanced through the GCC program. We had several teams participating and this provided us with an opportunity to support each other in a context that was sensitive to confidentiality and related to work but outside of working hours and pressures. When colleagues are having a tough time, we used the GCC as an excuse to take a walk together on our lunch break and benefit from social support and mindful thinking. We even had a few team exercise sessions after work. The University’s offering of this program to staff shows real commitment to workplace health and great leadership in supporting a positive and productive working environment.”

GCC everyone wins. What we have achieved in 100 days!

GCC Fast Facts

University GCC statistics, how we finished up in 2015
Daily Step Average: 13,429 steps
Average Distance Per Day: 8.6km
Average Energy Burnt Per Day: 112,637,869 kj

In total, we have burnt off the following:

  • 56,319 large burgers
  • 166,624 glasses of red wine
  • 107,787 slices of cake

The MOST ACTIVE AREAS at the University were:

  1. Planning and Information Office - 19,877 steps per day
  2. Veterinary Science - 19,121 steps per day
  3. Marketing & Communications - 15,453 steps per day
  4. Pharmacy - 15 439 steps per day

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