Global Corporate Challenge 2015

In 2015 I can....

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There are strong links between your health and wellbeing and your physical activity. If you are more active you will also be healthier and happier, so start to think about the things that you can do to get moving in 2015.

The GCC 2015 is a team based walking challenge to help improve the health and wellbeing of workers through regular physical activity, and the University encourages staff to participate in the challenge this year.

So, here’s your chance for a bit of healthy competition.

The GGC challenge is being coordinated by Safety Health and Wellbeing we’d love everyone to be part of the adventure.

Form a team of seven with your colleagues, choose a team captain and on 27 May 2015, begin a 100-day virtual journey around the world with 50,000 other teams from across the globe. The more active you are, the further your team will progress and the more virtual locations you’ll unlock.

You have until 8 May 2015 to register your teams. It costs just $623 (+ GST) to register a team of seven. GCC is not centrally funded so speak to your Faculty/PSU about funding teams.

The GCC will be providing administrative support to run the program so you may contact at the GCC, for assistance. You can also contact , Wellbeing Coordinator, for more information.

Don’t get left behind.

GCC Fast Facts

University GCC statistics, how we finished up in 2014
Total combined steps by participants uni-wide: 554,863,790
Total distance covered: 355,113 km – this equates with walking around the world 8 times
Total energy burnt: 93,217,117 kj – this equates with 137,895 glasses of red wine or 89,203 slices of cake

For 2015's Fast Facts keep coming back to this page as the challenge progresses.

Click here to check out last year's end of challenge highlights.

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Question Answer
Are the teams being funded this year? GCC is not centrally funded so speak to your Faculty/PSU about funding teams.
Can I still register for the GCC? Team registrations are now open for the 2015 challenge.
What are the responsibilities of the team captain? The team captain registers their team, receives and distributes the Pulse accelerometers to their fellow team members, and hopefully provides inspiring team leadership and motivation.
I can’t find my GCC login details. What should I do? Your team captain should be able to login and re-send your GCC welcome email.
Are my daily steps uploaded automatically from the GCC Pulse to the website, or is it manual entry? You will need to manually enter your daily steps online using your GCC website login details. Go to the STEP ENTRY tab at the top of the GCC home page.
How often should I reset my GCC Pulse accelerometer? The GCC Pulse accelerometer only needs to be reset once per day ie. last thing at night when you take it off, or first thing in the morning when you put it on. That's when you record your steps for the day. The device will snooze while you are seated or stationary (to save battery power), but will wake-up again when you start moving.
Does my swimming count towards my GCC steps? Yes. As long as you count the number of laps you do (and know the length of the pool), then all of this effort will count via the swim to step converter on the GCC step entry page. For example, four laps of a 25m pool would mean you add 100m to the swim converter. This equates to 475 well deserved steps.
Does my cycling count towards my GCC steps? Yes. Just enter your cycling distance (kilometres or miles) into the cycling to step converter on the GCC step entry page. This will automatically convert and credit your step entry with the extra ‘steps’ you earned on the bike. Please ensure that you still wear your GCC Pulse when cycling as the small movement detected while riding also counts towards your daily activity.
What happens if a member of my GCC team withdraws from the competition? The team member can be replaced.
Does workers compensation insurance cover an injury caused as a result of participating in the GCC? Workers compensation insurance covers injuries incurred as a result of someone’s normal course of employment.  If someone is injured during a work sanctioned event, they may be covered for that injury but.  If an injury does occur as a result of participating in the GCC please contact Injury Management Services immediately.