Global Challenge News

Congratulations 2018 competition winners

Global Challenge - Photo Competition
Red Hot Chilli Steppers (Science)

Well done Red Hot Chilli Steppers from Science. The team compromises of Beckey Lim, Gabrielle Mcloughlin, Jennifer Hollingshed, Katherine Halliday-Sanati, Kerrie Webb, Maggie McElhill and Sammy Glennon-Bond (Captain). They won a magnificant fruit box generously donated by Harris Farm at Broadway.

Congratulations 2017 competition winners

Individual winner

In 2017, the top participant award went to Stuart Lane, from the Nepean Allstars team (Sydney Medical School). Stuart travelled the equivalent of 3947kms over the 100 day journey.

Congratulations Stuart! Stuart has won a RH Mereo Chair (RRP $1596) from our sponsor SEATED. What better way to reward all that activity then with a good sit down!

2nd place was awarded to Angela Collins from the EmotEcons 2.0 team (Arts & Social Sciences). Angela travelled the equivalent of 3011kms over the 100 day challenge. Angela has won a $50 gift voucher at The Grandstand Sports Bar & Function Centre.

Winning team

We are pleased to announce the 2017 winning TEAM is The Nepean Allstars (Sydney Medical School) with an amazing total of 8938kms! The Nepean Allstars have won a gift voucher to the value of $150 for The Grandstand Sports Bar & Function Centre.

Second place was awarded to EmotEcons 2.0 (Arts & Social Sciences) with 8791kms. The EmotEcons 2.0 have won a $50 gift voucher also for The Grandstand Sports Bar & Function Centre.

Global Challenge - Photo Competition

Congratulations to EmotEcons winners of the 2017 Photo Competition. They have won $100 gift voucher for a delicious and nutritious meal at the Grandstand Sports Bar & Function Centre.

EmotEcons winners of the 2017 Photo Competition.

Well done to EmotEcons Karen Ho (Captain), Angela Collins, Jennifer Peden, Jordi Vidal-Robert, Laura Wilson, Marian Vidal-Fernandez, and Zoe Morrison for an imaginative and fun picture.

Yammer giveaways 2017
Spirit achiever Jane Baron Pedestrian Punx (Libraries)
Most improved Samantha Roberts Oh My TODD (VPOps- HR)
Steps up to date

Ene Juurma

Pennie Frow

Paced and Ready (for action) (Dentistry)

Fit Happens (Sydney Business School)

Social butterfly (contributing to the GC community) Myrophora Koureas Walk the Walk PMO (VP Strategy - Program Assurance and Delivery)
Bound for glory Laurie Zanella The Fast and the Financial (VPOps- Finance)
Live it breath it Harrison Shtein Wii Not Fit (DVCR Core Research Facilities)

Each person has won a silver member pass to Sydney University Sport & Fitness. Each pass is valued at $75 and includes membership to the gym for a 5 week period to participate in activities such as: yoga, pilates or aqua aerobics, body pump or RPM. All great fun and a nice way to remain active!