Your health and wellbeing at work

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Leave work better than when you arrived

Everyone who works at the University has an important role to play, and the University is committed to promoting better health for all.

Safety Health & Wellbeing support you and your team to leave work better than when you arrived.

Here is a summary of some of the programs on offer in 2016 to work towards achieving a healthier body and mind.

Move more... sit less

Research is increasingly finding that sedentary workers face health risks from limited movement and long periods of sitting. To help minimise the risks, try incorporating the following activities into your working day.

  • Use programs such as Workrave, mindfulness bell or MacBreakZ to prompt you to take regular breaks.
  • Arrange walking meetings with colleagues to get you up and out of the office without losing productivity.
  • Buy a pedometer and track your physical activity. Work up to ten thousand steps a day by building more walking time into your day eg getting off the bus a few stops earlier, walking up the stairs.
  • Use your lunch break to get out and about around our campuses.

Banish slumpy sitting

  • Ensure your workstation is set up correctly.
  • Schedule time to do special stretches (PDF 788KB) to relieve your muscles after periods of sitting.
  • If you’re concerned about postural strength, exercise can help improve posture and create a stronger, more stable body.

Manage your stress