Wellbeing at Sydney

Wellbeing at Sydney

Feeling good, functioning well, being resilient

Your sense of wellbeing is very personal and likely to be influenced by many factors related to your genetics, personal circumstances and your experiences at work. You could think of it as an individual measure of your quality of life based on your physical and psychological health, your ability to do what you need to do and achieve your goals, and how you feel about it.

Being engaged in meaningful work is arguably one of the most important factors influencing an individual’s wellbeing. However, the work environment and the way that you respond to it can have an impact on our sense of wellbeing.

Our objective is to enhance overall wellbeing by providing meaningful work, address the workplace factors that may negatively impact wellbeing and provide opportunities for you to learn about and/or practice healthy lifestyle choices at work.

Building a culture of care

Everyone who works at the University has an important role to play, and the University is committed to promoting better health for all.

Here are some of the programs on offer to work towards achieving a healthier body and mind.