What is mindfulness

Mindfulness on the green

Mindfulness is a personal wellbeing strategy which gives people skills in unhooking from unproductive thought patterns and behaviours.

Monash University defines mindfulness as "a series of attention training practices and cognitive strategies that can help you unhook from unproductive thought patterns and behaviours. It involves learning to pay attention to the present moment rather than worrying or dwelling in the past. It also involves developing an attitude of friendliness toward yourself, as opposed to criticism or judgment."

Mindfulness* has shown to be able to:

  • Enhance cognitive performance e.g. concentration, memory and processing speed
  • Improve study and work performance
  • Improve relationships and overall wellbeing
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms
  • Increase resilience and peace of mind.

*Monash University

Mindfulness for staff at Sydney

The University of Sydney is committed to fostering the mental health and wellbeing of the staff community by providing them with tools to help manage and decrease stress and anxiety in daily life – specifically mindfulness training.

Healthy Sydney University (HSU) in collaboration with Safety Health & Wellbeing (SHW) evaluated the benefits of mindfulness and the practicality of running mindfulness programs for staff at the University of Sydney and found there were some benefits for staff wellbeing.

In 2016, Mindfulness-Based stress release program for university employees** was published . The paper indicates mindfulness is an effective method for reducing workplace distress, improving employee wellbeing, and enhancing vigour at work. Read more about the mindfulness-based stress-reduction pilot program with Safety, Health & Wellbeing and the Brain and Mind Centre. Further research with a larger cohort is warranted. Watch this space.

**Koncz, R., Wolfenden, F., Hassed, C., Chambers, R., Cohen, J., & Glozier, N. (2016). Mindfulness-Based stress release program for university employees. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 58(10), 1021–1027. doi:10.1097/jom.0000000000000856

Drop-in sessions for staff and students

Come along and practice your mindfulness skills with your colleagues. Simply turn up on the day or find out more by joining the yammer group Mindfulness at Sydney University and beyond

When Where  Contact 

Monday mornings


The Quad (A14)

Oriental room S204

Maria Nicolaou

Monday lunchtimes


 Sydney College of the Arts

Seminar room 9

(top floor of library)

Virginia Hilyard

Tuesday lunchtimes


Administration Building (F23)

Level 5, Room 505

Joel Annesley

Fiona Wolfenden

Ting Lee

Wednesday lunchtimes (1)


SIT Building (J12)

Level 3, Room 302

Ehssan Sakhaee

Wednesday lunchtimes (2)


Services Building (G12)

Meeting Room 3

Nick Callaghan

Monday mornings


Wednesday lunchtimes


Faculty of Health Sciences

FHS Library - Room 2 (upstairs)

Alexandra Di Noia

Friday lunchtimes


Wentworth Buidling (G01)

Ward Lee

Courses 2019

Safety Health and Wellbeing are pleased to be able to offer staff the opportunity to participate in the Mindfulness training and events in 2019.

Search on CareerPath for further information and to enrol.

Date Details

2 May


Mindfulness interactive live webinar

Starting from 9 May


Mindfulness SRP live webinar program  

6 X 45 min weekly sessions

17 July


 Mindfulness Introductory seminar - Recharge your Brain

17, 24, 31 July


Mindfulness SRP 3-part program  

25 July


Mindful Train-the-Trainer community of practice Refresher  

26 July


Mindful Leaders series Part 2

31 July 

Mindfulness event (TBC)