You play a vital role in engaging in constructive interactions with colleagues when under pressure. The University’s Injury Management & Workers Compensation Group offers you a range of courses to help you develop crucial and highly valuable skills needed to contribute to a positive work environment.

The positive psychology courses available provide you with practical strategies to confidently respond to difficult situations, assist colleagues under stress and understand the impact of change.

Training is run by the Communicorp Group and is delivered on campus as full and/or half day face to face workshops. Some of the courses are specifically for managers.

Courses on offer this year include:

PRACTICAL RESILIENCE – half-day workshop for all staff

This workshop provides you with a comprehensive ‘resilience health-check’. It takes you through practical steps to maintain and build resilience in everyday life, respond to corporate and personal change, and navigate the ups and downs of the workplace.

Going well beyond just cognitive models, it explores dimensions such as physical wellness, social engagement, problem solving, signature strengths, personal/workplace alignment and emotional self-management.

A highly applied workshop, Practical Resilience utilises robust theory and evidence-based principles to explore realistic strategies for immediate personal application, as well as exploring the links between individual and organisational wellbeing and productivity.

Practical Resilience reinforces personal responsibility for individual wellbeing and empowers you to sustain resilience on the basis of an action plan designed around you personalised needs.

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Thursday 28 August 2014: enrol via CareerPath

MAINTAINING RESILLIENCE THROUGH CHANGE– half-day workshop for all staff

The prospect of workplace change, be it planned or currently occurring, can cause a great deal of uncertainty for many people. While the various stages of change are well researched and the range of likely reaction to change well known, we are are often asked how we can not only manage change processes, but help keep our key people resilient, productive and engaged during times of workplace uncertainty.
The Maintaining Resilience through Change workshop provides participants with an understanding of the psychology of workplace change and how to adapt and support themselves professionally and personally through uncertainty. Utilising contemporary theories of stress, positive psychology and CommuniCorp’s highly acclaimed practical resilience framework, the workshop highlights key behavioural, cognitive and social factors people can focus on to smooth their transition through and manage the impact of change.
Participants will learn practical coping and thriving strategies and identify areas of strength to rely upon in challenging times. This is a highly practical and applied workshop which utilises evidence-based principles and contemporary research to explore strategies for immediate and sustainable application.

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Tuesday 30 September 2014: enrol via CareerPath


This workshop provides deep and practical insight into interpersonal dynamics so that you can be constructively assertive. The task is to not only understand why others and we get upset, but crucially it provides you with the skills to change our inner states into ones that are more calm and constructive.

You will be given techniques to practically apply based on the knowledge gained around maintaining emotional wellbeing. Likewise, you will learn how to make it easier for others to shift into more constructive emotional states. You will also be more capable of keeping your balance even if those surrounding you are not.

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Tuesday 19 August 2014: enrol via CareerPath

DEVELOPING RESILIENCE IN OTHERS – Full day workshop for managers

As a manager it is important that you proactively assist your team members in building resilience because wellbeing and resilience are such strong predictors of workplace productivity. The key is being able to bounce back quicker in response to difficult times and situations, and to operate efficiently under pressure.

You will learn how to identify people who are not coping well and how to talk with them and provide genuine help. You will understand and explore the range of factors that influence resilience and analyse resilience resource deficits in others.

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No further sessions are scheduled for 2014. Please contact Fiona Wolfenden if you would like to arrange a session in your area.

COMPLEX PERSONALITIES AT WORK – half-day workshop for managers

This workshop aims to explore common conflicts and issues experienced by workplaces that may be driven by those with complex personalities. It provides you with common scenarios and strategies to best interact with the typical complex personality types.

On successful completion of this workshop, you will be able to understand common workplace conflict issues and the complex personalities that may be behind them, gain insight into the likely signs that you are dealing with complex personality types and learn specific workplace strategies to assist in dealing with these often difficult and challenging situations.

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Thursday 17 July 2014: enrol via CareerPath


One in five Australian employees are likely to have a mental health issue and between 40-60% do not disclose their condition or seek help. They are also more likely to require performance management at some point, which requires the manager to have specific skills and knowledge if they are to avoid exacerbating the employee's condition. Subsequently, a number of managers will either avoid the performance management process altogether, or in attempting to performance manage, increase the risk of being accused of bullying and harassment. This workshop addresses the difficult questions often asked by managers about how to manage staff with mental health issues.

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No further sessions are scheduled for 2014. Please contact Fiona Wolfenden if you would like to arrange a session in your area.


A workshop for Managers, Academic Managers, Academics and Professional staff to help them develop crucial and highly valuable skills they need to create a positive work environment.
The face-to-face training gives staff practical strategies to confidently respond to difficult situations, assist colleagues under stress and understand the impact of change. It helps staff understand the vital role they play in helping others bounce back quickly and engage in constructive interactions even when under pressure.
The training is delivered as a half day workshop (Part 1) for Professional staff and Academics and 2 half days or 1 full day workshop (Part 1 and 2) for Managers/Supervisors/Team Leaders or those with direct reports.

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Thursday 28 August 2014: enrol via career path


This session is designed for those who work in, or manage others in, high pressure, ‘on demand’ environments and dynamic workplaces where change and pressure is a constant. It charts the typical roller coaster ride we take in meeting deadlines and provides practical strategies for dealing with those pressures. In particular, it deals practically with the twin perils of deadline-driven workplaces: too much stress and its partner in crime, too much procrastination. Peak Performance Under Pressure is an essential workshop for any organisation that truly values high-performance sustainability, productivity and the emotional well-being of its staff. Participants should gain increased psychological awareness, improved work efficiency and personal resilience within the workplace.

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Thursday 17 July 2014: enrol via careerpath


Preventing WorkPlace Suicide has been introduced to the suite of Positive Psychology courses being offered by Injury Management using Communicorp Group in 2014. Develop capabilities to respond effectively and confidently when faced with a suicide case. Acting quickly and appropriately could save a life.

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Tuesday 19 August 2014: enrol now via careerpath


Workplace bullying is a complex interpersonal and organisational issue with considerable potential impact at the individual, team and organisational level. The occurrence of bullying depends not only on the characteristics of individuals and interactions between personnel, but is heavily dependent on organisational culture, values and systems which may implicitly allow it to occur. This practical workshop looks at the issue of bullying from a work health and safety perspective in the context of recent changes to bullying legislation, the psychosocial indicators of incivility, and the knowledge, systems and skills required to help prevent workplace bullying.

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Tuesday 8 July 2014: enrol now via careerpath