Quit smoking program for staff held on campus

A number of staff members took the initial step to a healthier life by participating in a quit smoking program held on campus.

Professional advice and assistance is provided through this educational and evidence based program. Research has shown that about 85% of smokers wish to stop smoking, and about 75% have actually tried to quit. However, for most people quitting smoking is a very difficult thing to do.

What does the program cover?

  • Evidence based strategies for quitting
  • The effects of specific behaviours, for eg, ‘cutting down’ or smoking ‘light’ cigarettes
  • Potential effects of continued smoking
  • Addressing withdrawal and ‘habit’
  • Barriers, and how to overcome them
  • Medications available for quitting, and how to use them
  • Health benefits of quitting
  • Weight gain
  • Managing stress
  • Managing cravings and challenging pro-smoking thoughts

Who runs the program?

This program is conducted by a professional clinician who is endorsed by Quitline NSW and has extensive experience and success in smoking cessation.

What can be expected from the program?

This is a highly supported group program that guides attendees through the development and implementation of a quit plan.

  • No-one is judged
  • Participants set their own goals and advice is tailored accordingly
  • Support is emphasised, not competition between participants
  • Sessions are conducted in a fun, easy to learn and supported environment
  • There are no scary pictures (unless requested by the participants)
  • All levels of motivation are welcome – even if you don’t want to quit right then