Staff flu vaccinations 2018

Why are we providing staff flu vaccinations?

Flu vaccination reduces the chances of you becoming seriously ill from the flu. Vaccination also protects the wider community by reducing the spread of the influenza virus amongst staff, students, our families and community.

What does flu do?

Infection with the flu virus can make you very unwell for a week or more. Research shows that healthy adults who are vaccinated against the flu have half the number of doctors’ visits and half the number of sick days.

How do I book my flu vaccination?

All booking links are available on the Staff Intranet.

Where will the flu vaccinations be located?

Staff flu vaccinations will be provided onsite at Camden, Camperdown, Cumberland and Westmead campuses .

What does it cost?

Flu vaccinations are being provided for free to all University staff (continuing, fixed term and casuals).

Who is providing this service?

Vaccinations will be administered by the highly experienced immunisation team at Australian Vaccine Services (AVS).

Need more information and posters for your workplace?

  • Download the flu vaccination poster to promote this wellbeing benefit to your fellow workers.
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