Suggestions from UWS staff are always welcome.
We are constantly looking for innovative solutions and creative ideas for improvements.
Every item of feedback will be given earnest consideration.

How do I make a suggesion?

Write to the Dean of Engineering, Professor Gregory Hancock , the Dean of Science, Professor David Day or the Co-ordinator UWS, Todd Budrodeen, clearly outlining your suggestion.

Please provide full details and explain how you believe your idea would benefit the UWS.

Send your ideas to:

The Dean of Engineering
Professor Gregory Hancock
Room 217, Enegineering Link Building J13
Fax: 02 9351 2111

The Dean of Science
Professor David Day
Room 428, Carslaw Building F07
Fax: 02 9351 4124

Coordinator UWS
Todd Budrodeen
Civil Engineering Workshop J04
Fax 9351 2179