About us

Widening Participation and Outreach works with young people - their teachers, parents and community - to build the confidence and motivation to succeed through education and make informed decisions about their post-school options. We support the academic and personal preparation of students who are generally under-represented in higher education: Low Socio-Economic Status (Low SES), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and regional and remote students.

Our primary goal is widening participation to higher education. Since launching in 2009 Widening Participation and Outreach has engaged over 100,000 students, teachers and parents in their schools, communities and on campus.

About us


We engage students one-on-one, in classes and in whole year cohorts. We provide a range experiences and activities in schools and on campus to increase ability, awareness and confidence in progressing towards higher education.


Each year we negotiate partnerships with a select group of schools to deliver a program designed to meet the particular requirements of a school and its’ students. We develop close working relationships with teaching staff and provide resources and professional learning opportunities.


Widening Participation and Outreach recognises parents and school communities as key influencers in the lives of the students we want to reach. We offer information evenings and deliver on-campus activities so that parents and families can meet University staff and find out about entry pathways, scholarships, student services and careers.

Collaborations with peak and community organisations strengthen our ties with schools and their students.

WE ARE A•STAR is our online magazine. It extends our reach and impact by sharing articles written for and by high school students, current University of Sydney students and alumni of the University.

The magazine is promoted as a place where young people can learn and speak authentically about University life and contemporary issues more generally. It provides information about careers, scholarships and access schemes specific to the University of Sydney. It is also a portal for online tutoring and offers resources for teachers, parents and students based on the NSW and National Curriculum.