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A•STAR is an online community aimed at preparing students for university and the world post school.

Students can find information about scholarships and careers and access study tips and tricks to help them succeed at school and in the HSC.

ASTAR offers up-to-date study resources in Study Hacks and access to free online homework and assessment tutoring through Studiosity for all students at schools engaged with Widening Participation and Outreach.

The platform also showcases student work and achievements. This provides a space for students to discuss different perspectives and contribute their own texts and opinion pieces for publication. Students can gain real-world experience in journalism, working directly with WPO to edit and publish their work. Examples include:

Our apps and digital resources are integrated into all on-campus and in-school learning experiences, giving students and their teachers a place to return to for resources and support.

We encourage teachers and students to access ASTAR before they take part in one of our workshops and again once they are back at school to consolidate their experiences.

For students

ASTAR offers a variety of services to support your students at home.

Online tutoring (Studiosity)
Online homework and study support is available via Studiosity. Should a student need essay feedback, homework help or editorial advice they can connect online in seconds to an expert who can assist. Tutors are local teachers, university and subject-experts who have passed extensive screening and qualification checks.

Study Hacks
A range of resources for students offering study techniques and subject specific information to support them during their exams. All resources are written by our staff and trusted educators.

#All the feels
Information and support on a variety of issues that effect young people such as mental health, sexuality and anxiety, designed to give students trusted information, relevant to their needs and experiences.

ASTAR Career Finder app
This app ignites students’ thinking about their life after school. It helps them turn their passions and personal interests into future careers, giving them the support and encouragement they need to pursue tertiary education.

ASTAR Subject Finder app
Year 10 students are given the resources and information they require to make informed decisions about subject selection. This app best prepares them for what is expected of them at university, by giving them information about prerequisites and assumed knowledge, dependent on degrees.

Submit a story
To support and foster student’s creativity and literacy skills, we publish and promote student’s work on ASTAR. We encourage students to use a variety of mediums, such as narrative, photo and video to share their own unique perspectives on the world.