Online learning tools

A•STAR is Widening Participation and Outreach's primary digital outreach project, an online magazine launched in early 2015 with the aim of increasing low-SES and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students’ access to education via new technologies and communication platforms which:

  • Builds an online community by providing opportunities to be active participants
  • Creates a portal for resources in key learning areas linked to on-campus and in-school learning opportunities
  • Shares information about scholarships, higher education access schemes and potential careers
  • Offers an authentic insight and connection to university life

The website also has a parent and teacher-facing component that allows:

  • A platform to showcase the work and achievements of students
  • Classroom and home-based learning resources through the Academic Resources

Studiosity is an online tutoring service that provides quick-response personalised support for revision and problems practice with subject experts. Thanks to an arrangement between Studiosity, WPO and The University of Sydney, this tutoring service is available to our partner schools and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students.

Career Finder is a mobile and online app that was built to compliment in-school activities and residential academic programs such as the Wingara Mura – Bunga Barrabugu Summer and Winter Programs. Students can complete the app’s survey to discover which academic streams align with their interests, and thereby what careers may be of interest for their future.

Subject Finder is a mobile and online app that can be used to support students in their subject selections for senior school. It helps students find out what Area of Study is best suited to them, then gives them suggestions on what subjects they should take in order to help them in higher education.