Our STEAM programs encourage positive student engagement and achievement in science, technology, engineering and maths, integrating arts and creativity.

Australian Museum Science Festival

The Australian Museum Science Festival is a collaborative program encompassing all fields of science. The festival delivers over 250 different workshops, talks and shows. Through our partnership with the Australian Museum, Year 9 students will be supported to take part in the festival as part of Science Week.

Year group: Year 9
Delivery: Term 3


Year 9 students work collaboratively with university students of the Sydney School of Education and Social Work. Through group-based learning, they investigate an open-ended inquiry, focussing on a topic within Biology, Physics or Chemistry. This program consists of four full-day on campus workshops, concluding with a presentation of their work at a science fair.

Year group: Year 9
Delivery: Term 4

Spectacular Science

Spectacular Science is an on-campus experience run by the Faculty of Science, offering Year 9 students first-hand insight into the exciting research that scientists are working on through a series of interactive activities.

Key learning outcomes:

  • understanding the relationship between high school STEM subjects and future occupations and university research
  • confidence towards a university environment
  • motivation towards school subjects as a result of real-life application and relevance

Year group: Year 9
Delivery: Term 4, 10am-2pm


MadMaker, developed by the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology uses Arduino Esplora boards to investigate fun and interactive ways to apply science, technology, engineering and maths to solve real-world problems. This is a six week online challenge designed to teach Year 9 and 10 students about embedded electronic devices software systems and their use in everyday life. Teacher professional learning is available in support of this program.

As a result of this project, students will show improvements in:

  • technical knowledge and confidence
  • ability to use Arduino Esplora technology
  • confidence and motivation at school

Year group: Years 9 & 10
Delivery: Terms 2, 3 & 4

Mega Maths Day

Year 10 students discover how maths is involved in almost every area of life. See how important a solid background in maths is for a huge array of disciplines and careers. Students will be inspired by how maths studies can open doors in their future by engaging in a day full of workshops showcasing the practical application of maths in a variety of settings.

Year group: Year 10
Delivery: Term 2

Economics at Sydney

The School of Economics in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences invites Years 10 and 11 students and their school community to attend an event dedicated to the study of economics from high school through to university. Leading economic experts offer tips for achieving the best results. Through hands-on workshops, students discover how studying economics can provide them with the training to answer pressing global and social questions and much more.

Year group: Years 10 & 11
Delivery: Term 3

Exoplanets and Deductive Reasoning

Exoplanets are planets beyond our own solar system. They are usually studied using advanced telescopes and spectrographs, but in this workshop we consider what we can say about life on the exoplanets using deductive reasoning. We look at the relationship between the presence of liquid water and the presence of life, in order to construct deductive arguments that tell us what it would mean to find liquid water on another planet.

Year group: Years 11 & 12
Delivery: Terms 2 & 3

Kickstart Science

HSC students have a chance to do experiments and see demonstrations of key ideas in the Chemistry, Biology and Physics syllabus that are difficult to do in the classroom. These workshops are designed to meet the demand expressed by science teachers in response to changes to the NSW HSC Science syllabus. This workshop is also available in regional schools.

Students will show improvements in:

  • confidence towards a university environment
  • identifying connections between STEM subjects, academic study and careers
  • being comfortable using scientific materials and equipment in a professional environment
  • understanding content and requirements of specific HSC science subjects

Year group: Year 12
Delivery: Throughout the year