Achieve: Year 9 &10

Developing skills and strategies for students to succeed in their study pathways; consolidating understanding of links between subject selection, degrees and careers.

Preparation for NAPLAN

Trained University of Sydney student volunteers work with small groups of Year 9 students in the classroom twice a week for five weeks. Students use online tools to work through practice NAPLAN style questions and quizzes in literacy, numeracy and reading. The groups focus on reading and comprehension, increasing students’ familiarity with the structure and language of the NAPLAN assessment.

Along with familiarising students with NAPLAN requirements, this program also engages students with the Studiosity online revision tool, helping them develop study habits for academic success.

Year: 9
Delivered: Term 1, Week 9 – 11
Term 2: Week 1 – 2
Capacity: Whole cohort

Australian Museum Science Festival

The Australian Museums Science Festival offers to bring practical science to life with a specially designed secondary school program
packed with hands-on activities and explosive workshops. Sessions are designed to support school curriculums, and cover a wide range of scientific fields including digital science, biology, chemistry, natural environment, and more.

Year: 7,8 and 9
Delivered: Term 3, Week 4
Capacity: 50

Spectacular Science

Spectacular Science is a one-day on-campus experience run by the Faculty of Science, offering Year 9 students first-hand insights into intriguing and up-to-the-minute research that scientists are currently working on.

Throughout the day, students participate in a series of interactive activities across a range of science disciplines. This experience helps students develop a strong understanding of the relationship between their high school STEM subjects, university degrees and future careers.

Year: 8 & 9
Delivered: Term 4, Week 6
Capacity: 300


LINK West is an on-campus experience day showcasing a variety of different areas of English study. Students explore creative writing, Shakespeare, a range of literacy genres, and the relationship between novels and new media.

Year: 10
Delivered: Term 2, Week 2
Capacity: 400

Future Friday: Preparation for Senior Study

This two-part program includes both an on-campus experience and in-school workshop to develop study skills and strategies for future academic success.

The on-campus experience is designed to increase students preparedness for the HSC through workshops in senior study skills, Mathematics, English and Science, and provide them with a knowledge of subject selection to maximise results.

The in-school workshops, run by the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, pre-service Secondary Education (English) students, include small group based learning activities to enhance
students’ English study skills, establish good study habits and facilitate discussion surrounding future degree and career options.

Year: 10
Delivered: On campus: Term 2, Weeks 2 – 9
In school:Term 3, Week 6 and Term 4, Week 2
Capacity: 100

Mega Maths

No matter what your students choose to do in the future, maths will be a part of it: from maths models that help predict which latest fashion items will sell out, to calculations that allow you to build bridges, to statistics that show what people think of a business, to computations that help in the understanding of diseases.

The on-campus day helps students discover how studying maths can help a huge array of disciplines and careers. Students will be inspired by how maths can open many future doors as they engage in a full day of practical workshops.

Year: 10
Delivered: Term 4, Week 6
Capacity: 150

Sydney Writers’ Festival Experience

Students participate in a variety of workshops and panel conversations allowing them to experience literature through an author’s lens. The Sydney Writers’ Festival Experience extends
students’ understanding of contemporary literature and builds cultural capacity through engagement in broader cultural discourse.

Year: 10, 11 and 12
Delivered: Term 2, Week 1
Capacity: 100