Act: Year 11 & 12

Enriching students skills, and preparation for the HSC; supporting leadership development to access scholarship opportunities and admission pathways to higher education.

Open Day

Year 10, 11 and 12 students are invited to The University of Sydney Open Day to participate in academic workshops to help prepare students for university. We also facilitate one-on-one scholarship application consultations for the Cadigal and Early Offer Year 12 (E12) admission pathways. Selected Year 11 and 12 students from our regional partner schools may be supported to attend a residential program as part of this event and provide support opportunities for students visiting from our regional partner schools.

Year: 10-12
Delivered: 24 August
Capacity: None

Future Friday: Thinking Ahead/SMASH Essay Writing/Critical Thinking

Thinking Ahead introduces students to new ways of interpreting scholarship applications. They learn how to write persuasively about their leadership skills, personal qualities and attributes.

In Smash Essay Writing, students receive key tips and strategies for effective essay writing. They are encouraged to deconstruct questions and formulate arguments to extend their essay writing skills in preparation for their HSC exams.

In Critical Thinking, students think critically about the texts they are analysing by deconstructing arguments drawn from a wide range of sources, including journalism, advertising, science, economics and politics, learning to distinguish what makes a sound or weak argument.

If your school is not participating in the on-campus delivery of this workshop, there is an opportunity to run an in-school workshop in Term 1.

Year: 11
Delivered: In school: Term 1, negotiable
On campus: Term 1, Weeks 2 – 9
Capacity: 100

The LINK“Writerly In-class”

Students will undertake a program designed to enhance their creative writing skills and engage with a broad range of contemporary literature. They will participate in learning activities devised to open up new ways to generate writing ideas and to refine existing creative texts.

Year: 11
Delivered: Term 4, Week by negotiation
Capacity: 30

Craft of Writing

Are your students worried about the English HSC exam? This is the workshop for them! We’ll dive into the new section of the senior English curriculum - Craft of Writing - and give students the opportunity to engage with the fundamentals of the course. They will be guided through a series of activities which introduce key texts, provide tips for analysing and reflecting on the writing process. Students will leave with a greater understanding of how to tackle the demands of their upcoming exams.

Year: 11
Delivered: Term 2, Week 2
Capacity: 400

Sydney Writers’ Festival Experience

Students participate in a variety of workshops and panel conversations allowing them to experience literature through an author’s lens. The Sydney Writers’ Festival Experience extends students’ understanding of contemporary literature and builds cultural capacity through engagement in broader cultural discourse.

Year: 10/11/12
Delivered: Term 2, Week 1
Capacity: 100

Future Friday: Promote Yourself/HSC Exam Preparation/SMASH Research

HSC Exam Preparation provides students with HSC study techniques and exam practice to assist them in maximising their HSC performance. Delivered by current University of Sydney undergraduate students, the focus areas include deconstructing HSC exam questions, addressing learning outcomes from the syllabus, effective note taking, planning responses, maximising marks, and managing time during exams.

Students then consider what lies beyond the HSC in the interactive scholarship writing session, Promote Yourself. By learning how to identify scholarship criteria, and find areas of strength and weakness in sample answers, students draft their own answers to scholarship questions.

SMASH Research then shows students how to improve their online research skills, become familiar with appropriate forms of referencing and learn how to effectively evaluation online resources.

If your school is not participating in the on-campus delivery of this workshop, there is an opportunity to run an in-school workshop in Term 1.

Year: 12
Delivered: In-school: Term 1, Week negotiable
On campus: Term 3, Weeks 2 – 9
Capacity: 100