These programs develop critical academic skills to prepare students effectively for higher education. Our innovative on-campus experiences equip students with valuable information and insights to inform their decision making about the future.

Preparation for Senior Study

This program has two components: Part 1 is an on-campus experience designed to increase Year 10 students' preparation for the HSC, with workshops demonstrating general senior study skills, skills specific to Mathematics, English, and Science, as well as information on subject selection.

Workshops include:

  • general senior study skills
  • skills specific to Mathematics, English, subject selection

Part 2 is delivered in schools by pre-service English teachers from the Sydney School of Education and Social Work. The pre-service teachers run small group-based learning activities to enhance students English study skills, and facilitate discussions around future study, ambitions, careers, and degrees. This program is supported by the ASTAR.TV Subject Finder App.

As a result of the program, students will show improvements in:

  • understanding the importance of organised self-directed study in senior years as an essential pathway to higher education
  • implementing their own effective strategies for time management
  • exam preparation, specifically for English and Mathematics

Year group: Year 10
Delivery: Term 2, 3, & 4

Open Day

Students and their families are invited to participate in Open Day and attend a range of Year 10-12 workshops, activities for the whole family including young children, and 1-to-1 scholarship application consultations for Cadigal Alternative Entry and Early Offer Year 12 (E12). Support opportunities are also available for students from our regional hubs.

Year group: Years 10 -12
Delivery: 25 August

Thinking Ahead

This in-school workshop analyses the criteria for university scholarships and alternative pathways, and develops Year 11 students' understanding of the value of extracurricular involvement. Students learn how to identify and write persuasively about their leadership skills, personal qualities and attributes. This workshop is delivered as a package with the Smash Essay writing workshop.

Year group: Year 11
Delivery and duration: Term 2, One and half hour workshop

Life at Sydney

This is a two-day program for high achieving Year 11 students to experience university life. Students participate in a variety of hands-on faculty-based activities including senior study skills workshops, and engage with an array of dynamic student clubs and societies on campus.

Year group: Year 11
Delivery: September school holidays

Critical Thinking Workshop

Critical Thinking is a toolkit for rationality. It helps us to examine the reasons offered in different kinds of argument. Through examination of arguments drawn from a wide range of sources, including journalism, advertising, science, economics and politics, students learn to distinguish good from bad arguments, and see why the good arguments are good and the bad ones bad. This program is adaptable across all subject areas, and uses relevant examples to best prepare Year 11 and 12 students to think critically about the texts they are analysing. This workshop is delivered as a package with the Discover Creative Writing Workshop.

Year group: Year 11
Delivery: Term 3 & 4

SMASH Research Skills

In partnership with the University of Sydney libraries, this workshop supports students improve their online research skills, become familiar with appropriate forms of referencing, and learn how to effectively evaluate online resources. Aimed at senior students, this will prepare them for their senior studies both at school and in university. Students also learn how to navigate large and complex libraries. This workshop is delivered as part of the Year 12 OWeek Experience visit to campus and available on request.

Year group: Year 12
Delivery and duration: Campus experience on request, One hour workshop

HSC Exam Prep

Students develop and strengthen effective approaches to prepare for, and sit senior school exams. Focus areas include deconstructing questions, the role of the syllabus, effective note taking, how to maximize your marks, and manage time in exams. This workshop is delivered as a package with the Promote Yourself workshop.

Key learning outcomes:

  • confidence towards HSC preparation and exam-taking
  • motivation to succeed in the HSC and to apply to university

Year group: Year 12
Delivery and duration: One-hour workshop, available on request

Promote Yourself

Year 12 students practice writing persuasively about themselves and receive support in drafting scholarship applications, using the University of Sydney's Alternative Entry Pathways Cadigal and/or E12 Early Offer Programs as a basis. This workshop is delivered as a package with the HSC Exam Prep workshop.

Year group: Year 12
Delivery and duration: Term 3, Two hour workshop

Year 12 OWeek Experience

Students experience the whirlwind OWeek atmosphere and many exciting activities, increasing their motivation and confidence in accessing university after school. Year 12 students will take part in our SMASH Research Skills workshop and various other OWeek activities of their choice to further secure university interest.

Year group: Year 12
Delivery and duration: 1 March, 10am-2pm

Bunga Barrabugu Winter Program

A six-day residential program for Year 12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students which prepares students for their final exams and presents information regarding opportunities and pathways to university. Available to Year 12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who attend the 2018 WMBB Summer Program and/or one of our partner schools.

Year group: Year 12
Delivery: July school holidays

HSC Preparation Session Scholarships

The Centre for Continuing Education's HSC preparation course teaches students some of the critical skills necessary to make their studies effective and successful. We will be offering funded places for selected Year 12 students who have submitted an application to either our E12 Early Offer Program or Cadigal Alternative Entry Program.

Year group: Year 12
Delivery: September school holidays