It’s amazing to interact with all of the different groups and people. It’s just interesting to see what they’ve come for, what they’re here to do and how they can achieve that.

It’s cool because everyone’s from a different place. But it’s super comfortable because I’m still around like-minded people. They have the same cultural background as me so we’re connected in that way.

I love Sydney University because it’s very open to Aboriginal history and culture.


Wingara Mura - Bunga Barrabugu translates to “a thinking path - to make tomorrow” in the Cadigal language and is the name of the University of Sydney’s strategy which commits us to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation, engagement, education and research.

We offer a multi-layered approach to support the academic and personal preparation of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for higher education. This includes opportunities for students to experience university life, engage in fun, educational activities in a supportive and inclusive environment at our on-campus events and week-long residential Summer and Winter programs.

We also organise professional learning opportunities for staff supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students.

Learn more about the University of Sydney’s Wingara Mura-Bung Barrabugu Strategy.