Why nominate a student?


The Summer Program motivates and equips Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with core skills and knowledge to continue on to higher education by:

  • introducing a wide range of options available at university
  • building a sense of confidence in the university environment
  • exploring different pathways to higher education and careers
  • sharing stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university students.

How to nominate a student

We understand that school results alone are not always a true measure of a student’s potential, so we ask you to consider not only students who are academically adept but also those who are motivated to succeed, committed to their studies and/or active in their communities.

We ask you to provide a statement of support with each student’s application. When completing the statement of support, please refer to the selection criteria.

Please note the dates on the Summer Program timeline – encourage your students to meet these deadlines.

Students can submit a draft of their application for feedback to using the Writing Feedback option at Studiosity.


Where four or more students from one school are successful in their applications, the University will also support a school chaperone to attend. Principals are asked to select a staff member who engages and motivates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students within their school community.

Chaperones undertake a professional development program that compliments the student’s journey to higher education. Chaperones will be provided with accommodation and travel, and in return expected to assist with the supervision of students and partake in the Chaperone Program.