STEMeX project initiatives encourage increased participation and engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) related subjects, degrees and professions.

In 2017, STEMex supported the following:

  • 55 teachers from 9 schools to participate in the STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy
  • 7 High Schools sent groups of Year 9 girls and 4 Primary Schools sent their entire Year 5 cohorts to workshops held as part of the Australian Museums Science Festival
  • A collaboration with Advancing Science and Engineering through Laboratory Learning (ASELL) to facilitate accredited professional learning for teachers and students in target school communities in both regional and metropolitan NSW
  • A partnership with the Faculty of Science’s Kickstart program to enable HSC students in metro and regional NSW to explore key ideas in Chemistry, Biology and Physics
  • 5 students attended the “Bunga Barrabugu Spring STEM Program”; an extension of the “Indigenous Student Engineering Spring Workshop” which is a 6 day residential on-campus experience for Year 11 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who show an aptitude and interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

STEMeX is funded by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Indigenous Strategy and Services and implemented by Widening Participation and Outreach with critical cross-faculty and professional service unit collaborative partnerships to co-create innovative learning experiences and opportunities, leverage knowledge, expertise and best practice to maximise positive outcomes for the target cohort.