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18 April 2018

340,000 stars interrogated in search for Sun's siblings

A Sydney-led international group of astronomers has revealed the "DNA" of more than 340,000 stars in the first major data release from the Galactic Archaeology survey GALAH for clues about how galaxies formed and evolved.
18 April 2018

Sydney bushfires, hazard burns linked to deaths, hospitalisations

As Sydney is blanketed by smoky haze from back-burning a major blaze, a University of Sydney report reveals bushfires and hazard burning caused 197 premature deaths and 1200 hospitalisations across the city between 2001-13.
13 April 2018

Leadership: the cultural divide

A new report from Australia's Human Rights Commission, Leading for Change, indicates that the lack of cultural diversity among the country's leaders could threaten our economic and social fabric.