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Mummies in the University's museum

Museums, theatres and galleries

History buffs and culture connoisseurs are spoiled for choice

Mad for mummies? Intrigued by invertebrates? Or just plain preoccupied with performance? Here at the University of Sydney, we live and breathe the best in international and local culture and history.

Our cultural community is made up of theatres, museums and galleries exhibiting the city’s best in art, history and performance.

Located on the fringe of the Sydney CBD, our venues and attractions on our Camperdown/Darlington campus attract patrons and visitors from all over the world.

In 2020 the University will open its new museum HQ, the Chau Chak Wing Museum. It will showcase collections from the Nicholson Museum, the Macleay Museum and the University Art Gallery and other cultural highlights from the University's extensive collections.

Get involved and volunteer

If history isn’t your thing, leap into live entertainment, spanning comedy, drama, music and dance.

We encourage schools to take advantage of our education programs and guided tours.

But we don’t just want you to visit; we want you to stay. Volunteer to work with our curators.

Donate to support a smorgasbord of culture. Or take your culture craving to the next level with studies in museums, heritage, and performance.

Take your pick

We’re open five days a week, and even some Saturdays.

The Nicholson Museum: Australia’s oldest University museum

Explore ancient cities

The Seymour Centre: champions of Sydney culture for over three decades

See what’s on

Verge Gallery: a creative space for dynamic and innovative exhibitions, in the heart of our main campus