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Working with us

Get access to our world-renowned research capabilities

There are many benefits to working with us, from our state-of-the-art facilities to user-friendly agreements and government funding.

Benefits of working with us

  • Access to our world-leading research capabilities.
  • Expert advice and assistance on our intellectual property protection.
  • State-of-the-art laboratories and equipment.
  • Possible eligibility for Australian Government R&D Tax Incentives.
  • An opportunity for your staff to gain experience that supports their career development.
  • We provide a platform to recruit talented postgraduate and post-doctoral researchers.
  • Access to government grants that may compliment your research and development expenditure.

Flexible user-friendly agreements

We offer flexible user-friendly agreements that facilitate efficient access to our range of licensable intellectual property, services and investment opportunities, including:

  • Confidentiality agreements - suitable for use when you would like to discuss confidential information with our researchers.
  • Consultancy agreements - suitable for use when engaging our researchers to provide consultancy services to an external organisation.
  • Term sheets - suitable when you would like to propose the commercial terms to license a piece of intellectual property from us.

If you would like to discuss any of our agreements, or would like our assistance in developing an alternative contract, contact us.

Research partnerships

We have both the experts and facilities to accommodate your extensive research and development needs.

Partnering with us in your research and development provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Cost savings – our competitive rates ensure your organisation maximises R&D budgets
  • Tax incentives – partnering with us allows you to claim the R&D tax incentive
  • Reduce staff – we can scope projects according to your budget without the need to hire or retain costly full time staff
  • Reduce infrastructure costs – partnering with us provides you access to expensive state-of-the-art equipment facilities
  • Government funding – you can increase the value of your research budget as we can access matching government funding
  • Flexibility – our user-friendly selection of agreements provide customisable commercialisation licensing options.

If you have a specific need, contact us and we’ll find the most appropriate expertise for you.

Government funding

The focus of Research Connections is on helping small and medium businesses to collaborate with the research sector to develop new ideas with commercial potential.

This scheme takes a ‘facilitation first’ approach, providing expert advice and solution pathway for business to knowledge-related issues.

Following the facilitated service, Research Connections may provide access to up to 12 months of financial assistance in the form of a matched funding grant worth up to $50,000 to support engagement with us to undertake research activities on the business’ behalf.

Find out more about Research Connections under the Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Program.

Linkage grants support research and development projects that involve collaboration between university researchers and external organisations (state government entities, commercial organisations and not-for profits).

They are three to five-year programs, with ARC grant funding of $50,000 to $300,000 per year, with external organisations providing matching funding.

Find out more about Linkage Projects from the Australian Research Council.

Staff can find information on how to apply for Linkage Projects here, or email our Research Support team at

The Industrial Transformation Research Program is a scheme that engages Australia's best researchers in issues facing the new industrial economies and training the future workforce.

Hubs engage in cutting edge research on new technologies and economic and social transformation and support the development of research in these priority areas:

  • manufacturing
  • food and agriculture
  • oil and gas, including petroleum
  • mining and mining services
  • medical devices and biotechnology.

Up to $5 million over five years is available through this program for universities and industrial partners to focus on significant collaborative projects.

Find out more about Industrial Transformation Research Program from the Australian Research Council.

The Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Program funds major collaborative partnerships designed to tackle complex problems of end-users.

CRC programs are typically for seven-years with possible extensions, with a total of $20 million to $40 million in research funding over the life of the program. They can involve multiple universities and industry partners.

The average grant is around $3 million per year and industry partners' cash and in-kind contributions must at least match the grant amount.

Find out more about Cooperative Research Centre Programs.

Accelerating Commercialisation offers access to commercialisation advisers with experience and connections to address the challenges associated with commercialising novel products, processes and services.

Eligible individuals and businesses that submit an expression of interest will receive guidance on their commercialisation project and feedback on its potential merit under the program.

Accelerating Commercialisation also offers grants of up to 50 per cent of eligible project expenditure, up to a maximum of $1 million over two years, to assist in the commercialisation of novel products, processes and services.

Find out more about Accelerating Commercialisation.

Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities scheme provides funding for research infrastructure, equipment and facilities to eligible organisations.

The scheme enables higher education researchers to participate in cooperative initiatives so that expensive infrastructure, equipment and facilities can be shared between higher education organisations and also with industry

The scheme also fosters collaboration through its support of the cooperative use of international or national research facilities.

Under the scheme, applicants may seek funding for:

  • infrastructure, equipment and facility purchases, construction and installation
  • major computing/data facilities, animal houses, herbaria and experimental farms
  • salaries directly associated with creating and installing infrastructure, equipment or facilities
  • consortium membership costs, in the case of Australia's participation in the use of significant international-scale or national research facilities
  • library and research information infrastructure.

Find out more about the Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities scheme.

The New South Wales (NSW) TechVouchers program encourages collaboration between NSW small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and public sector research organisations located in NSW.

TechVouchers are awarded on a competitive basis to eligible NSW companies for amounts up to $15,000, and must be matched by the partner organisations.

Find out more about TechVouchers from NSW Department of Industry.

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) Industry Internship program is aimed at building links between the University and those in industry.

AMSI interns are post-graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who work on a pre-defined project designed to address a key business challenge faced by the host company. Companies benefit from access to world-class knowledge and expertise through students and mentor

Find out more about the AMSI Industry Internship.

Invest in us

We drive technology development by encouraging licensing from startups as well as welcoming investors to invest in, or partner with, startup companies and new venture projects already spun out from our technologies.

Our affiliated startups

Elastagen Pty Ltd is a clinical-stage medical-device company that is pioneering Elastatherapy, which uses the human protein elastin to naturally repair and augment the skin.

The company has arisen out of patented research conducted by Professor Tony Weiss’s group and the first clinical trials have demonstrated the biocompatibility and safety of their synthetic human elastin in human subjects. Find our more about Elastagen.

Grok is the product of decades spent teaching high-school students, teachers and professionals how to program from scratch.

Dr Tara Murphy, Associate Professor James Curran, Mr Tim Dawborn, and Ms Nicky Ringland from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies founded Grok Learning in 2013. Find our more about Grok Learning.

An e-learning company with products for learning difficult STEM knowledge and skills through engaging game-like 3D experiences. The company has arisen out of research conducted by Professor Michael Jacobson from the Sydney School of Education and Social Work. Find out more about Pallas.

An interactive medical device company to assist lung cancer patients to breathe well, facilitating stable lung tumour motion for accurate radiation delivery during cancer treatment. The company was founded by Professor Paul Keall based on his work at the University of Sydney and Stanford University. Find out more about Breathe Well.

Partners, accelerators and incubators

We are a shareholder of ATP Innovations, an award-winning business incubator that works with researchers and entrepreneurs to help them raise capital, build a team, secure government grants, create new products, grow revenue and ultimately exit the business profitably.

Since 2006, ATP Innovations has worked with more than 80 businesses. It also hosts Sydney’s largest community of entrepreneurs within the National Innovation Centre, where more than 60 companies employ more than 350 staff. Find out more about ATP Innovations.

We are a shareholder of Uniseed, a venture fund operating at the universities of Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, and New South Wales, and the CSIRO, with investment capital provided by the five partner research organisations.

Uniseed’s mandate is to facilitate the commercialisation of research partner-generated intellectual property by targeted investment in highly promising technologies.

Uniseed’s existing investments cover a range of technology sectors. To date, Uniseed has exited six investments with four of these through trade sales:

  • a neuropathic pain drug (Spinifex)
  • a drug in development to treat fibrosis (Fibrotech)
  • an IT security technology (Vintela)
  • a semi-conductor technology (Fultec).

The group has also completed one asset sale: a human headlice treatment (Hatchtech) and an IPO of the pain therapy, QRx Pharma.

A number of companies have products on the market (Hydrexia, Progel, BT Imaging, Smart Sparrow), or are collaborating with leading global companies in the respective field. Find out more about Uniseed.

INCUBATE is an award-winning start-up accelerator and entrepreneur program founded by the University of Sydney Union.

INCUBATE fosters a proactive community of entrepreneurs on campus by providing funding, co-working space and mentoring from Australia’s most recognised entrepreneurs to accelerate the growth of high-potential start-ups.

The program is open to students, researchers and alumni at the University of Sydney and is expanding across Australia. Find out more about INCUBATE.

The Genesis Start Up Program is the longest running startup program at the University of Sydney.

At Sydney Genesis, we believe that when business and technology startups work side by side with social entrepreneurs, a truly unique exchange of knowledge and inspiration flourishes.

Our program is open to students and alumni from any background that are passionate about their ideas in business, technology or social entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to helping them bring their ideas to life through workshops, mentoring, networking, funding and prizes. Find out more about Genesis.