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Innovation Week

Showcasing our world-changing ideas

Innovation Week brings together staff and students involved with ground breaking discoveries and transformative inventions. It's a celebration of how our community is changing the world.

Our innovation in healthcare


With more than 160 years under our belt, we know innovation is the key to a long and healthy life.

Our researchers are making discoveries every day that change the world.

Take the NanoX cancer radiotherapy machine that’s not only more accurate than its traditional counterparts, it costs just 10 percent of the price of current machines.

As the second-most transplanted tissue in the world next to blood, repairing bones is a big deal. We’re changing the way we fix bones by using 3D printing biomaterials to create new ones.

We’ve also developed a world-leading suicide prevention system, Project Synergy, which provides fast access to for young people to mental health experts via apps and online tools.

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Towards a sustainable future


Innovation has been at the heart of our work for more than 160 years. But we’re focused on driving innovation to ensure we’ll all be here for another 160 and beyond.

We’ve developed smaller, cheaper, safer and faster charging gel-based batteries that significantly out-compete current lithium ion technology.

We’re also using robotics to help increase crop yield for a more sustainable food supply through our award winning, solar powered robot known as Ladybird.

Our researchers have also been developing a way to give waste products another life as bio-fuels and bio-chemicals to tackle the growing problem of increasing landfill.

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Improving wellbeing for all - orangutans included


Innovation isn’t all about robots and nanoparticles. It’s about finding new solutions to improve the future.

A group of researchers from our Indoor Environmental Quality Lab has developed new technology to measure and improve the comfort factor of office buildings.

In the great outdoors, we’re working closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, farmers and food processors to understand and share knowledge about the biology and ecology of native food plants, and their agricultural potential.

Our people are also using interactive games to improve the wellbeing of orangutans and help humans better connect with them.

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