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Raising the Bar

We Raised the Bar on education – podcasts available now

At the University of Sydney, we believe in taking education out of the lecture theatre and into our city. This year saw 20 free talks by our academics in 10 bars across Sydney.

From airlines and Quidditch to some of the greatest films and business innovations, there has been a multitude of ideas conceived over a few drinks at the pub. Could a PhD thesis also be on this list?

This year, twenty of our brilliant academics escaped their lecture theatres and laboratories to ‘raise the bar’ on topics such as protecting the barrier reef, the case for starting work late, and the marriage equality plebiscite.  

So, whether it’s robot intelligence or Taylor Swift that sparks your interest, this year’s line-up had something for everyone. Listen now on iTunesSoundCloud or your favourite podcast app.

Last year more than 1500 people pulled up a bar stool to hear our academics speak on a diverse range of topics, including the placebo effect, sexting, exercise hacks and the science behind cheat days. Listen to all the podcasts on SoundCloud or via iTunes.