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How to become a partner

Collaborate, donate or even recruit our sought after graduates

There’s a range of ways industry, business or other institutions can partner with us. So if you have an idea of how we can work together, let’s talk.

Become a partner or collaborator with one of our many research institutes or faculties. You can:

  • Position your business as a leading industry expert by utilizing our professional testing and research services. Browse our list of professional service units across a range of disciplines.
  • Support a government-subsidised research project and access research and development tax concessions through ARC Linkage.
  • Form a new venture based on the university’s intellectual property.
  • Become an education partner and provide our students with opportunities to prepare for the future of work through our Industry and Community Project Units.

You can make a significant contribution to our research and teaching community by donating a gift, establishing a bequest, or by organising a fundraiser. Find out more through our support campaign, Inspired.

Generous contributions from our partners go directly back into our research community. Recently established facilities include the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, and the Judith and David Coffey Life Lab.

Our Careers Centre offers a comprehensive range of recruitment services and programs to link employers of choice with tomorrow’s industry leaders.

We run several student careers fairs throughout the year, some catering to specific sectors such as investment banking and finance, law, engineering, and medicine.

We also hold annual fairs for general graduate recruitment, and internship and vacation work programs. 

Showcase your business to prospective recruits with an information session on campus, targeted marketing campaign, or by simply posting a job advertisement for free on Sydney Career Hub.

Find out more by contacting our Industry Development Team on (02) 8627 8403, or email

The impact of giving

Student work placements

Many of our faculties and schools coordinate student placements within business and industry – partner with us and help our students develop the skills and knowledge to create a better tomorrow.

Sydney Institute of Agriculture


The University of Sydney Business School


Sydney School of Education and Social Work – Field Education


Sydney School of Education and Social Work – Professional Experiences in Education


Faculty of Engineering


Faculty of Health Sciences


Faculty of Medicine and Health