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A healthier place to learn

Supporting and promoting a healthy campus

Healthy Sydney University is a university-wide initiative that brings students and staff together to promote the health and wellbeing of our community.

We work towards the University being a health promoting university. A health promoting university is one that embeds health in the everyday business of a university through its education, research, community engagement and organisational culture.

Our vision

We believe a healthy university supports healthy people, builds healthy places, develops healthy policies and implements healthy practices to support our students, staff and the broader community. 

We aim to develop projects and initiatives in collaboration with students and staff across all levels of the organisation, informed by our five guiding principles.  

Healthy Sydney University is based in the Charles Perkins Centre Research and Education Hub and chaired by Professor Gwynnyth Llewellyn from the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Our working groups

Mental wellbeing

Move more, sit less

Eat better

Get involved

Students and staff can get involved by:

  • Joining and participating in one of our working groups
  • Applying for a student scholarship or staff grant
  • Signing up for our monthly newsletter to receive updates on events and activities.

Colleagues at other educational institutions can be involved with Healthy Sydney University through the Australian Health Promoting Universities Network

Resources for a healthy university