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11 December 2018

Combustion engineer’s impactful legacy

For more than 25 years, Emeritus Professor Brian Haynes has been an integral part of the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering’s strategic research direction in Clean Energy, Process Intensification and Combustion, and its life.
11 December 2018

Politics expert's book named amongst 2018's best

A new book written by Associate Professor Salvatore Babones from the School of Social and Political Sciences has been named one of 2018's best reads in The Wall Street Journal.
11 December 2018

USYD pharmacist: my career in health economics

Getting a drug listed on the PBS can take up to three years, but it’s crucial to providing affordable medicines to the community. Hear how pharmacy alumna Rita Karamy has used her career in pharmacy to improve healthcare.
11 December 2018

Will autonomous cars lead to less car ownership?

The scenario of a homogenous fleet of shared, connected and autonomous vehicles roaming the city, filling in gaps in the timetables and fixed routes of a superior and cheaper public transport network may just be a dream.
11 December 2018

5 ways to reduce the risk of stillbirth

Up to 50 percent of stillbirths happen unexpectedly and a clear cause is never identified, writes Professor Jonathan Morris and Dr Adrienne Gordon from the University of Sydney.
11 December 2018

Fellowships awarded to outstanding early-career researchers

After an international search, 10 Fellowships have been awarded to outstanding postdocs to conduct innovative, multidisciplinary research at the University of Sydney.
11 December 2018

New plan to cut harm from too much medicine in older people

A national plan released today aims to halve use of unnecessary medications in older Australians in a bid to reduce harm and cut healthcare costs.
11 December 2018

First Australian chair of global tertiary alliance appointed

The Dean of the University of Sydney Business School, Professor Greg Whitwell, has been appointed as the first Australian chair of the Global Alliance in Management Education at its annual meeting in Malta.
11 December 2018

Sydney scientists named as 'Superstars of STEM' for 2019

Science & Technology Australia has named Dr Caroline Moul, Dr Georgia Ward-Fear and Dr Iona Novak for its stereotype-busting program that is helping to change the public's views on women in science.
10 December 2018

East China University of Political Science and Law delegation visits Sydney 

A delegation from the East China University of Political Science and Law visited the Sydney Law School to discuss future collaborations at the recent Transnational Litigation and China event.