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Previous research symposia

Previous symposia

Each year, we invite local and national experts to present their latest research on an annual theme.

2016: On the Pulse

On Tuesday 12 July 2016, the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment hosted the 2016 Research Symposium. The symposium, entitled 'On the Pulse', brought together international and Australian experts to present their latest research and ideas on innovations to drive the industry’s future. Attendees became aware of the advances that are future-proofing pulse agriculture, with a focus on pulse diversity, pulse benefits to agronomy and genetic pulse sustainability.

2015: Soil to Save Our Planet

Held on Tuesday 14 July 2015, our 2015 Research Symposium, 'Soil to Save our Planet', attracted international and Australian experts who came together to discuss the newest approaches to food security and human health, climate and energy, and water and biodiversity.

2014: The Quest for Quality Food

On Tuesday 15 July 2014, the 2014 Research Symposium entitled 'The Quest for Quality Food' explored the latest approaches to ensuring safety and quality of food products and developing new products for optimal health.