Better Rainfall Forecasts for Grain Growers

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The Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, in partnership with GrainGrowers and supported by funding from the Australian Research Council, has commenced a project that will combine the weather data collected on-farm by most grain farmers with existing data from the Bureau of Meteorology (and elsewhere), to develop a new type of very local seasonal climate predictor.
These more sophisticated individualised forecasts will then be delivered to many thousands of grain farmers.

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In order to do this research we aim to collect as much rainfall data as possible from grain growers across Australia. Listen to our story on ABC radio here or read the story.

What we will do with your data

Please download this pdf document which describes very briefly what we plan to do with your data during the project and the service we will provide in exchange for your data.

Here we have a template of the first report that we sent out to all contributors:
Report Template

Upload your data

If you have digital data (scanned forms, spreadsheet, text files) and would like to participate, please load this on data loading page via the link below.

Data loading page

Contact us for more information or if your data is not in digital format (i.e. paper forms):

Research team :
Professor Alexander B McBratney
Associate Professor Willem Vervoort
Dr Budiman Minasny
Derek Yates
Faculty of Agriculture and Environment,

Willem Vervoort

Associate Professor Hydrology and Catchment Management
Faculty of Agriculture and Environment
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Derek Yates

PhD student

Faculty of Agriculture and Environment
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