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Celebrating 100 years of innovation

2018 is our centenary year
The Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning has been a pioneer in teaching and research across the built environment for 100 years. See what thought-provoking events and initiatives we've planned for our centenary.

Michael Ford, Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts Graduate 2011 

Introducing – 100 Years of Innovation

In celebration of 100 years, we present a series of interviews with internationally renowned academics. We discuss the defining roles of architecture, design and planning in society over the last 100 years.

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Episode 1 – Secret Life of a Degree

The Bachelor of Architecture degree at Sydney has a long and lively history. It was open to men and women from its first offering in 1918, but the inclusion of women was controversial. In July 1972 a student strike shut down the school for two weeks, with students demanding the degree be remade.

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Episode 2 – Becoming a Utopian

The utopian visions of architects, planners, philosophers and sociologists are important speculative projects. We take a deep dive into the idea of utopia with Professor Danilo Palazzo, who calls on us to become utopians.

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Episode 3 – Working with the Street

Evelina Ozola is reimagining tactical urbanism in Latvia by co-building life size (1:1 scale) models of her urban designs in the street to communicate and test the design ideas with local communities.

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