student profile: Ms Xiao Ma


Thesis work

Thesis title: Transnational housing production in Sydney - the practices of Chinese developers

Supervisors: Dallas ROGERS , Duanfang LU

Thesis abstract:

Foreign property investment, especially from Asia, is growing rapidly in many global cities. Chinese developers have continued to dominate foreign investment in residential development sites across Australia in 2017. This paper examines transnational housing production in Sydney with a focus on the practices of Chinese developers. The focus is on the processes and practice through which Chinese developers amend their practices to adapt to the local conditions and meet the local planning requirements.

Based on in-depth interviews, participant observation and content analysis of project documents, this paper shows how Chinese developers interact and negotiate with the local social, cultural and planning contexts during the four processes of the development, namely: (1) preparation stage, (2) design stage, (3) construction stage, (4) sales stage. This empirical data lays a base for developing new conceptual frameworks for theorizing the transnational production of urban spaces.

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