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Designing Affordability: Quicker, smarter, more efficient housing now

Designing Affordability

Quicker, smarter, more efficient housing now

'Designing Affordability: Quicker, Smarter, More Efficient Housing Now' presents case studies from Australia and around the world that address ways of reducing costs without compromising design quality.

Date: Thursday 6 October – Friday 18 November 2016
Opening event: Thursday 6 October, 6pm

"Affordable housing" typically refers to policy initiatives that ensure that residents at a certain income can qualify for housing units, but "affordability" is a broader concept. The exhibition examines how architects, engineers, planners, policy makers, tenants, and homeowners are crafting innovative ways to reduce the cost of housing by rethinking how we build, maintain, and occupy structures.


Marc Norman is the founder of Ideas and Action, a multidisciplinary consultancy working with for-profit, non-profit and governmental organizations on community development and affordable housing initiatives.

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