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Accomplice exhibition

Part of the Prototipoak Festival in Bilboa, Spain
Accomplice is a large-scale robotic installation that embeds a group of autonomous robots into the walls of the gallery.

Date: 31 May 2018
Location: Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao, Spain
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The work presents an allegory of our world as a complex machinic ecology, nestling itself into our human environment and turning it into a playground for a colony of creative, social machines. The installation in Bilbao will be the largest yet, with four robots embedded into a 36m wall and running for over three months. 

Azkuna Zentroa organises the second edition of PROTOTIPOAK, the International Meeting of New Artistic Forms. This international event, which takes place every two years as a Biennale, seeks to introduce new forms of art to citizens through projects focused on different aspects of everyday life in the city, in collaboration with various institutions, organisations, groups and individuals. The second edition of PROTOTIPOAK revolves around a series of artistic projects that will be presented between 30 May and 3 June, and an exhibition that will open on 30 May and will continue until 16 September 2018.

PROTOTIPOAK came about with the intention to explore nature, performability and social multiplicity via art. Therefore, we propose the PLACE as the central element of the project, understanding it as the reality we build through what we do daily, interactions and day-to-day relationships between humans and non-humans. The PLACE poses questions for us about the inevitable condition of living together.