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Design at Dusk

An evening of informal, inspiring and fast-paced talks
Explore the possibilities for design to affect change

As the sun goes down, join us for the first Design at Dusk for 2019, featuring the theme: Deviation and Decision Trees: The Art of Computational Conversation.

Event details

Date: Wednesday 27 March
Time: 5.15pm for a 5.30pm start
Location: Tin Sheds Gallery, The University of Sydney, 148 City Rd, Darlington NSW 2008

This is a FREE event, however please register as places are limited.


rob dongas

Rob Dongas 

Rob Dongas is a first-class Honours graduate with a passion for immersive media and emerging technologies. He is the co-chair of the UX committee within the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Association and has recently founded Arterion, a digital studio specialising in VR/AR experiences. Rob will present and discuss insights into the iterative design process, viewed through the lens of his research designing and developing a VR application for learning Japanese.

dan ventura

Professor Dan Ventura

Professor Dan Ventura is a Professor in the Computer Science Department at Brigham Young University. Prior to joining the faculty at BYU, he was a member of the Information Sciences and Technology division of the Applied Research Laboratory and a member of the Graduate Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at Penn State University. Dan has also spent time in industry as a Research Scientist with Fonix Corporation, working on the development of state-of-the-art technology for large vocabulary continuous speech recognition.

baki kocabslli

Dr Baki Kocaballi

Dr Baki Kocaballi is a Research Fellow in AI and Interaction Design at the Centre for Health Informatics in the Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University. He completed his Ph.D. in Interaction Design at the University of Sydney in 2013. His doctoral thesis developed some design qualities and strategies to address the shortcomings of the current human-centred design processes and methods. Before undertaking his doctoral study, he completed a Master’s degree on context-aware computing systems. He has extensive knowledge and experience in designing, developing and testing educational and medical applications. Previously, he worked as an interaction designer at Sydney Medical School and taught Design Thinking at the School of Architecture, Design and Planning. He has received several academic and artistic awards.

Past Design at Dusk events

Making work more human, Design Innovation in deep technology startups, Vivid projects

28 March 2018


  • Steven Ma (No Moss Co and Commonwealth Bank)
  • George Peppou (University of Sydney)
  • Bella Bain (IBM)

Cyberpsychology, Buddhist philosophy and practice can inform the design of ‘virtuous systems’, and citizen generated data and Public Health

2 May 2018


  • Dr. Andrew Campbell (University of Sydney)
  • Kristina Mah (University of Sydney)
  • Emma Simpson (Newcastle University, UK)

VIVID Edition

30 May 2018


  • Dr Luke Hespanhol (University of Sydney)
  • Dr Mirko Guaralda (Queensland University of Technology)
  • Liam Bray (University of Sydney)
  • Kristina Mah (University of Sydney)
  • Dr Luisa Bravo (City Space Architecture

IDEA Edition: Experiences of graduating students from the Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts

27 June 2018


  • Luke Hespanhol
  • Karen Cochrane
  • Lian Loke
  • Admira Nuradzhani
  • May Chen
  • Naiyu Wang
  • Ben Lang
  • Henry Bottger (Springday)
  • Naseem Ahmadpour
  • Franziska Seehuber
  • Anna Natlacen
  • Jessica Watts 

Centenary Edition: How the Design Lab began

13 July 2018


  • John Gero (University of North Carolina)
  • Mary-Lou Maher (University of North Carolina)

Biodesign Challenge and the Living Data Project

29 August 2018


  • Dr Erez Nuseum (University of Sydney)
  • Liam Bray (University of Sydney)
  • Christine Teng (University of Sydney)
  • Denis Sylvester (University of Sydney)
  • Giselle Gray (University of Sydney)
  • Grace Charles (University of Sydney)
  • Soomin Lee (University of Sydney)
  • Dr Phil Gough (University of Sydney)

Physical fitness in VR; human-computer interaction in designing and developing immersive technology; and adaptive spaces envisioning the future preschool

26 September 2018


  • Crystal Yoo (University of Sydney)
  • Dr Joel Fredericks (University of Technology Sydney)
  • Krister Gustaffson (UX/CX/Service designer & researcher)

Beauty and suffering in experiential landscapes through constructed reality; augmentation of public space through displays; storytelling by interactive and emerging technologies

31 October 2018


  • Michelle St Anne (The Living Room Theatre)

  • Callum Parker (University of Sydney)
Chris Panzetta (S1T2)