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Design at Dusk

An evening of informal, inspiring and fast-paced talks
Explore the possibilities for design to affect change

As the sun goes down, join us for Design @ Dusk. 

Upcoming events

Save the date for our next Design @ Dusk on 28 August. Details to be announced soon.

Past Design at Dusk events

Deviation and Decision Trees: The Art of Computational Conversation

27 March 2019


  • Rob Dongas
  • Professor Dan Ventura
  • Dr Baki Kocaballi

Design and ethics

1 May 2019


  • John Allsopp
  • Leigh-Anne Hepburn
  • Jathan Sadowski

Vivid Special

29 May 2019


  • Dr Luke Hespanol
  • Yuxin Huang
  • Wenting Xie
  • Marius Hoggenmüller
  • Karen Cochrane
  • Louis Chew
  • Ana Florencia Diniello
  • Iskra Uscumlic
  • Abhiruchi Chhikara

Making work more human, Design Innovation in deep technology startups, Vivid projects

28 March 2018


  • Steven Ma (No Moss Co and Commonwealth Bank)
  • George Peppou (University of Sydney)
  • Bella Bain (IBM)

Cyberpsychology, Buddhist philosophy and practice can inform the design of ‘virtuous systems’, and citizen generated data and Public Health

2 May 2018


  • Dr. Andrew Campbell (University of Sydney)
  • Kristina Mah (University of Sydney)
  • Emma Simpson (Newcastle University, UK)

VIVID Edition

30 May 2018


  • Dr Luke Hespanhol (University of Sydney)
  • Dr Mirko Guaralda (Queensland University of Technology)
  • Liam Bray (University of Sydney)
  • Kristina Mah (University of Sydney)
  • Dr Luisa Bravo (City Space Architecture

IDEA Edition: Experiences of graduating students from the Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts

27 June 2018


  • Luke Hespanhol
  • Karen Cochrane
  • Lian Loke
  • Admira Nuradzhani
  • May Chen
  • Naiyu Wang
  • Ben Lang
  • Henry Bottger (Springday)
  • Naseem Ahmadpour
  • Franziska Seehuber
  • Anna Natlacen
  • Jessica Watts 

Centenary Edition: How the Design Lab began

13 July 2018


  • John Gero (University of North Carolina)
  • Mary-Lou Maher (University of North Carolina)

Biodesign Challenge and the Living Data Project

29 August 2018


  • Dr Erez Nuseum (University of Sydney)
  • Liam Bray (University of Sydney)
  • Christine Teng (University of Sydney)
  • Denis Sylvester (University of Sydney)
  • Giselle Gray (University of Sydney)
  • Grace Charles (University of Sydney)
  • Soomin Lee (University of Sydney)
  • Dr Phil Gough (University of Sydney)

Physical fitness in VR; human-computer interaction in designing and developing immersive technology; and adaptive spaces envisioning the future preschool

26 September 2018


  • Crystal Yoo (University of Sydney)
  • Dr Joel Fredericks (University of Technology Sydney)
  • Krister Gustaffson (UX/CX/Service designer & researcher)

Beauty and suffering in experiential landscapes through constructed reality; augmentation of public space through displays; storytelling by interactive and emerging technologies

31 October 2018


  • Michelle St Anne (The Living Room Theatre)

  • Callum Parker (University of Sydney)
Chris Panzetta (S1T2)