Staff in American Studies

  • Dr Thomas Adams (U.S. Studies Centre/History)
    Political Economy, Labor, Urban Culture, Gender and Sexuality, African-American, U.S. South, U.S. West, Social Movements and Contentious Politics
  • Dr Mark Byron (English)
    Twentieth-century American literature (drama, prose, poetry) with an emphasis on the various denominations of modernism
  • Dr Frances Clarke (History)
    Nineteenth century history; Gender relations; Cultural history; Civil War and Reconstruction
  • Dr Charles Fairchild (Music)
    The role of cultural intermediaries in the music industry, including studies of the “Idol” phenomenon and of music presenters at community radio stations in Australia, Canada and the USA
  • Dr Bruce Gardiner (English)
    American literatures: Meso-American, Native American, African American, and Caribbean; and the literary traditions of New York State, New England, New Mexico, and the Tidewater South
  • Professor Paul Giles (English)
    American literature and culture; theory and practice of transnationalism
  • Dr Sarah Gleeson-White (English)
    20th- and 21st-century U.S. literature; the American South; frontier narratives and Westerns (literary and Hollywood); literary regionalism; the grotesque
  • Dr Melissa Hardie (English)
    True crime writing;psychoanalysis, rhetoric, deconstruction, and queer theory, Modernism and Contemporary writing and film
  • Dr Bruce Isaacs (Film Studies)
    American Cinema: Classical Hollywood/Hollywood Renaissance (late 60s to Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, 1979) / Hollywood High Concept Cinema
  • Associate Professor David Macarthur (Philosophy)
    Liberal Naturalism, Contemporary Pragmatism, Skepticism, Metaphysical Quietism, Wittgenstein’s Philosophy of Language and Psychology, Philosophy of Art and Architecture.
  • Dr Michael McDonnell (History)
    Early and Revolutionary Virginia; American Revolution; Native Americans in North America; cultural intermediaries and brokers; popular politics in the early Atlantic; labour, race, class and class struggles in the early Atlantic
  • Associate Professor Brendon O'Connor (U. S. Studies Centre)
    American politics; anti-Americanism; American welfare policy, presidential politics, US foreign policy, and Australian-American relations
  • Dr David Smith (U. S. Studies Centre / Government & International Relations)
    Religion and politics; American and comparative political development; Collective violence
  • Dr Richard Smith (Art History and Theory/Film Studies)
    Post Cold-War American and Hollywood cinema, particularly action-suspense genres such as the hi-jack, the heist, and the escape
  • Dr. Rodney Taveira (U.S. Studies Centre)
    Post-World War II to contemporary American literature; silent to contemporary American film; television; American popular culture
  • Professor Shane White (History)
    African American History; history of New York City; cultural history
  • Dr Gorana Grgic (U. S. Studies Centre)
    US-Europe relations; US politics and elections; presidential politics, US foreign policy, and US foreign policy, defence and strategy
  • Dr Aaron Nyerges (U. S. Studies Centre)
    Literature, film and television; Gender, race and religion
  • Dr Shaun Ratcliff (U. S. Studies Centre)
    Public opinion and polling; US politics and elections; Australia-US relations
  • Dr Lucas Thompson (U. S. Studies Centre)
    Literature, film and television; Australia-US relations; contemporary American literature