Dr Grant McCall

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Curriculum vitae

Grant McCall has researched and taught anthropology at various universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, New South Wales, South Pacific, Copenhagen, California at Berkeley, Chile, Australian National and Provence, as well as having been a visitor for various periods of time at other places.
My first research and writing was about migrant populations, especially the Basques in the Americas, but my abiding interest has been in the peoples and cultures of the Pacific Islands, with a concentration on the eastern part of that vast region.

I have supervised research students on a diversity of topics from water policy to missionary development in Samoa; from environmental theory to ethnicity in Fiji; from demographics and youth development on Rapanui to photographic images of colonialism.

I regard the interactive passing on of knowledge as being core to academic work and that any anthropologist should have as their prime methodology collaborative research with the local populations who are their hosts.

My future writing plans include three single-authored monographs and the occasional article

Selected publications


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Articles and chapters in books

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Works in Progress

  • 2012. Hakaara rapanui. Santiago, Museum Press. (single authored monograph)
  • 2013. Matamua. The changing face of culture on Easter Island. Honolulu, University of Hawai’i Press. (single authored monograph)
  • 2014. Nissology. The study of islands on their own terms. Publisher TBA (single authored monograph)